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Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced clinical researchers, amyloid experts, cardiologists, heart failure providers, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, pathologist, imagers, and research coordinators who work together to achieve our mission. The mission is to identify patients with cardiac amyloidosis as early as possible at a time before significant cardiac dysfunction has occurred. This effort is key to leveraging specific therapies for cardiac amyloidosis because they work by preventing new amyloid deposits but don't remove existing amyloid. Each member of our team brings unique skills and insights to our research, and we are all dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by

transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis.

Meet the Principal Investigators

Meet Our Co-Investigators

Meet Our Study Coordinators

Lauren Ives.jpg

Lauren Ives, RN

Lab Director

Lauren Ives is an RN at the Cleveland Clinic with 10 years of experience in cardiology research. She currently works with the Cleveland Clinic Amyloidosis Center, coordinating research studies and clinical patient care.

Denise Fine.jpg

Denise Fine

Senior Researcher

Denise Fine is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Boston Medical Center with 35 years of experience in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. This role manages all aspects of clinical research in the division including numerous pivotal cardiovascular clinical research trials. In addition, Denise assists young investigators initiate research projects to help launch research careers.

Cover Picture.png

Abena Adwetewa-Badu

Clinical Research Coordinator

Abena Adwetewa-Badu is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Tufts Medical Center. She has over a year of experience in screening, enrolling, and conducting clinical trial study activities with patients diagnosed with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). Abena uses these experiences to better understand the complex relationship between nutrition, body composition, and strength in advanced HF patients. Collaborating with physicians, patients, and other integral clinic and research staff alike, Abena aims to better understand disease processes and overall improve patient outcomes.

Jolie Nguyen is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Cedars Sinai Medical Center helping patients with advanced heart disease. Specializing in pulmonary hypertension, Jolie uses that experience to identify new therapeutic targets to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Jolie N CSMC.jpg

Jolie Nguyen

Clinical Research Coordinator

Denisse Santana.jpg

Denisse Santana

Research Assistant

Denisse Santana is a Research Assistant at the Clinical Cardiovascular Research Laboratory for the Elderly (CCRLE) at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. She has experience with screening and enrollment of patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure into multiple studies. Denisse currently coordinates studies at CCRLE that involve TTR stabilizers, TTR silencers, physical therapy intervention, as well as, assists in epidemiological studies at CCRLE that include screening for ATTR-CA in elderly minority communities and novel study of new imaging agent- AT-01, developed specifically to detect transthyretin amyloid deposits throughout the body using a PET/CT scan to also help facilitate earlier diagnosis of ATTR-CA.

Meet our Coordinating Center Team

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